Many on the left would love for us to completely forget that the past 4 years even happened. The disdain for President Trump was even more apparent today as many went into full social media meltdowns on Twitter.

President Trump today issued a letter to SAG-AFTRA informing them of his resignation from the union over their announcement of a disciplinary committee hearing aimed at revoking his membership. In the letter President Trump highlighted his accomplishments in film and television prior to his term as President of the United States.

Twitter was quickly illuminated with left-wing blue checks bashing President Trump for his use of the word “President” and the use of the POTUS Seal. Newsweek columnist Seth Abramson was quick to claim that the use of the term “President” and use of the seal was clearly Donald Trump’s attempt at claiming he is America’s legitimate president.

Nick Knudsen went with a more personal approach calling the mention of MSDNC and CNN as “Peak crazy old codger”. This is following Knudsen’s repeated online postings calling for the “Conviction and Disqualifying” of Donald Trump from ever holding public office again in the future.

Many would have thought that with trump being publicly censored by so many outlets, and big tech companies that the derangement syndrome would finally calm down. However, it seems as though President Biden just doesn’t generate the ratings that President Donald Trump did for the left. I think we can anticipate the left never accepting the accomplishments of POTUS 45.

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